Infiniti recently unveiled the QX50, a concept autonomous SUV that it plans to discuss further during the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, which kicks off on January 8. says the QX50 is the embodiment of its “vision for a next-generation mid-size premium SUV” that also represents some of its planned support for autonomous driving features. Infinti is taking a different approach than some other automakers, however, and says that driver control is still very much the focus of its new vehicles.

“Central to the strategy for the development of all future autonomous drive support systems is that they should ensure the driver retains ultimate control over their vehicle – in keeping with Infiniti’s focus on driver engagement – while providing a proactive approach to safety,” the company said in a release announcing the new concept. “Infiniti’s autonomous drive technologies will act as a “co-pilot” for the driver, empowering rather than replacing them, and “delegate” more onerous driving tasks to the car – such as navigating stop-start traffic on the highway or keeping track of the positions of surrounding vehicles.”

The QX50 will be on display at the Detroit Auto Show, where Infiniti says it will also show off its new variable compression turbo (VC-Turbo) engine, the first production-ready engine of its type. Hit the source for more information.