If you’re looking fo

r the perfect belated new year or Hanukkah gift for the creative child (or adult) in your life, look no further because we’ve got just the thing. The LumoPad Luminescent Drawing Board appears normal enough from afar, but it’s actually a luminescent surface that lets you draw in any color with just about any light source. “Drawings” glow on the pad for about 15 minutes before fading away and opening the door for your next great creation — be sure you’ve got you smartphone camera ready to save all those light drawings!

Here are some key details:

  • Draw glowing images by simply using the provided UV LED or another light source
  • Incredibly fun for everyone, from curious children to partying adults
  • Drawings glow for 5-10 minutes before disappearing and letting you draw something new
  • 11 inch by 14 inch drawing surface
  • Great for casual stop-motion animation because of fading images