The Blue Link service offered by Hyundai has a bunch of great remote access features. For instance, you can start your car and even lock or unlock it with the help of your mobile device. At CES in Las Vegas, the South Korean car manufacturer has announced a partnership with Google that takes its Blue Link service to another level.

The already mentioned remote access features can now be controlled with the help of the Google Home. It’s quite simple to use, as all you have to do is tell Google Home to start your car, lock/unlock it, or even to send directions (Google Maps) straight to your vehicle.

Hyundai said that more features will be added soon but the company did not clarify what these additional features might be. It also didn’t specify an exact date as to when the Google Home integration will be officially released.

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At first glance, the feature looks quite interesting and very futuristic. Among other things, it shows us that digital assistants can do more than just play music and talk about the weather