A Czech engineer believes he has created a new solution to better aid cars in snow and icy conditions – claws for car tyres that give them extra grip.

Designer Peter Gross has created the contraptions, which fit onto a car’s hubcaps and can be remotely controlled to open out into claws that grip onto a car’s tyres and provide additional grip.


The idea is to remove the need and hassle of having to fit tyre chains or spikes.

Gross said the idea for the device, which he says has already been certified for use in Europe, the US and Canada, came to him when he was struggling to fit spikes to his car while wearing a nice suit.

He said he wanted to make the lives of drivers easier.


According to the engineer, the device fits onto 15- and 18-inch wheels, but no name or on-sale details have been revealed as of yet.

So for the moment, the tyre claws remain just a big idea as opposed to a coming soon product.