With many things going digital these days, sometimes the need for a physical card like a gift card, membership cards, or even credit cards are no longer necessary. A good example would be mobile payment services like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay which allow users to make payments using nothing more than their smartphones.

In fact if you’re a Wells Fargo customer, you might be interested to learn that starting next week, you will be able to withdraw money from the bank’s ATMs using your smartphone. However there are a couple of catches that are worth mentioning. For starters this service won’t let you open doors that some bank branches use to protect their ATMs out of hours.

Secondly for the moment, this feature/service is only intended to be used for emergencies. This means that when you want to make a withdrawal, you’ll need to use the Wells Fargo app to generate a PIN code, and will need to do so everytime you make a withdrawal, meaning that the PIN code is only good for one transaction.

However the good news is that later in the year, the bank plans on removing the need for the code which will let customers make withdrawals on demand. Wells Fargo isn’t the first bank to offer up such a service. In fact over in Korea, Samsung Pay can also be utilized in a similar way.